WB Jeff Honeycutt Receives the Dalcho Certificate of Merit

WB Jeff Honeycutt was awarded the Frederick Dalcho Certificate of Merit at the South Carolina Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons Banquet on April 26th 2018.  WB Jeff was Past Master of Inman Masonic Lodge in 2005, Past Grand Steward in 2014, and was appointed Senior Grand Deacon for the Grand Lodge for 2018.  He, along with RWB Tommy Watson, Past Master of Irving Southworth Masonic Lodge and PDDGM of the 21st District were the two recipients from Spartanburg County for this prestigious award. 

The SC AFM Grand Lodge website offers the following description:  “The award is named for Rev. Frederick Dalcho, MD, who was the dominant figure in Freemasonry in South Carolina in the early 1800s.  In the year 1807, Dr. Dalcho published, under the sanction of the Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons of South Carolina, The Ahiman Rezon. Since that time, the book has been revised and augmented, and continues today as the Book of Constitutions in South Carolina.  Rev Dr. Dalcho served as Grand Chaplain, and was one of the founders of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Southern Jurisdiction of the USA.”

This Certificate of Merit is given to a small number of SC Masons each year in recognition for their exemplary service to the Craft.  Congratulations, WB Jeff, on this honor!


Brother Joseph McMillin

Brother Joseph McMillin, a sixty year member of Inman Masonic Lodge, has laid down his working tools on April 27th, 2018.  Brother McMillin received his Entered Apprentice Degree on November 15th, 1957, his Fellow Craft Degree on December 19th, 1957, and his Master Mason Degree on January 25th, 1958.  Please keep the family of Brother McMillin in your daily devotions.

Brother McMillin's obituary can be viewed here.

Brother Marvin White

On March 26th, 2018, Brother Marvin White laid down his working tools.  He was a member of Inman Masonic Lodge for forty-seven years.  He received his Entered Apprentice Degree on October 16, 1970, his Fellow Craft Degree on November 24th, 1970, and his Master Mason Degree on December 22, 1970.  Brother White's obituary can be viewed here.

Please keep the family of Brother White in your daily devotions.

Inman Degree Work

Hunter Webb received his Entered Apprentice Degree on January 16th, and his Fellow Craft Degree on March 22nd.  Charles Keller and Harry "Butch" Johnson received their Fellow Craft Degree on January 23rd, and their Master Mason Degree on March 10th.  Bryan Murphy and Brian Barajas received their Entered Apprentice Degree on March 8th.

Inman Lodge would like to congratulate the following Brethren for taking their respective steps in Masonry!

Brother Cletus Champion

On March 18, 2018, Brother Cletus Champion laid down his working tools.  He was a forty year member of Inman Masonic Lodge, receiving his Entered Apprentice Degree on June 7th, 1977, his Fellow Craft Degree on August 9th, 1977, and his Master Mason Degree on September 10th, 1977.  Masonic Rites for Brother Champion will be held at Seawright Funeral Home in Inman on March 20th at 5:30 pm, with the Lodge opening at 4:30 pm.

Please keep the Champion family in your daily devotions.  Brother Champion’s obituary can be viewed here.

Worshipful Brother Cecil Ballew

Worshipful Brother Cecil Edwin Ballew laid down his working tools on March 14th.  WB Cecil was a member of Inman Masonic Lodge for 46 years, receiving his Entered Apprentice Degree on April 6th, his Fellow Craft on May 17th, and his Master Mason on June 15th, 1971.  He served Inman Lodge as Worshipful Master in 1975.  WB Cecil was a stalwart of Inman Lodge, receiving countless Entered Apprentice Masons during their First Degree and teaching them their first important lesson in Masonry.  

WB Cecil's Masonic Rites will be held on March 17th at 5:30 pm at Seawright's Funeral Home in Inman, SC, followed by a receiving of friends from 6 to 8 pm.  WB Ken Kuszmaul will open the Lodge at Inman at 4:45 pm.  The Funeral Service will be held Sunday, March 18th at 3 pm at Holston Creek Baptist Church in Inman, SC.  WB Cecil's obituary can be viewed here.

Please keep WB Cecil's wife, Vonda, his son, WB Chris Ballew, and the rest of the family in your daily devotions.    

Brother Charles Dewell Gwinn

On February 16th, Brother Charles Dewell Gwinn laid down his working tools.  He was a sixty-year member of Inman Lodge, receiving his Entered Apprentice Degree on October 7, 1957, his Fellow Craft Degree on November 15, 1957, and his Master Mason Degree on December 20, 1957.  Please keep the Gwinn Family in your daily devotions.  

Brother Gwinn's obituary can be read here.

Inman Christmas Parade


This year, Inman Masonic Lodge participated in the Inman Christmas Parade, an effort spearheaded by Worshipful Master-Elect Bro. Ken Kuszmaul.  The banner for the float was provided by RWB James E. Hayes, III, DDGM of the 21st Masonic District.  Members of the Lodge boarded a float and toured the parade route, waving to the crowd, while RWB Hayes, RWB Paul McWilliams, DDGM of the 20th District, and WB Stephen Pinker, Master of the Lodge for 2017, walked the route and handed out candy.  Kuszmaul’s hope is that the Lodge, through its continued participation, can increase its visibility within the community.  

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer from our Grand Master

Michael D. Smith, 33°

Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina, AFM



Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. Today I offer this Thanksgiving prayer to my Masonic Brethren. May God continue to richly bless each of you, your families, our Fraternity, and our Nation. 

Most Holy and Glorious Lord God of Heaven, thank you for the beginning of a new day, as we renew of our vow of service and labors as Free Men and Free Masons, to share your Love, Mercy, and Grace among those that we may touch each day and one with the other.

I ask for forgiveness for our errors, and mistakes that have hurt others, while we give thanks for the great compassion that men of faith have for one another.

I ask your infinite blessings upon all members of our fraternity this day, Thanksgiving Day, as we reflect on our principle role as men of Faith and Love.  Today, I ask that each of our members feel your presence and understand the great role each has to teach our children of whatever age, to be the shining example of what is right and true, an example of Love, an example of strength and an example of faith. 

Guide our thoughts, words, and actions all the days of our lives with that great purpose of teaching and guiding our children, as well as those we influence, to walk in the paths of righteousness and truth. We give thanks for these gifts and the wisdom to properly use our gifts for your honor and glory. Aid us, O God, to learn and use our gifts wisely and well in the coming days. 

I ask for your gifts of patience, steadfastness, endurance, wisdom, love and grace upon all my brethren every day but today more especially this Thanksgiving Day.  Touch each of them with the great sense of purpose as we claim your promise of great success for all of your children.  Lead us every day in the paths of truth, guide the steps of the faithful to remember our duties to our children, our families, each other, our nation and in the world. Aid us, O God, to learn and use these gifts wisely and well in the coming days.

Lord God, I pray that you imbue our Nation, with the realization that our nation is only as strong as our Faith.  Strengthen our members to be the Fatherly example in our homes, communities, churches, states and our Nation. 

Remove those among us, that sacrifice our honor and integrity for their selfish greed and evil motivation, send to us the leaders of faith, men who will stand, men who will lead and men who will pray for strength and guidance every day. 

I ask your grace and mercy upon those among us that are suffering from ill health, loneliness, ill fortune, and even estrangement from their families.  Guide them to the place in your will and paths that will be pleasing in your sight.  As men of faith, we acknowledge that all will be healed in time, according to your purpose, and whether here, so as to be called to further service, or when we claim the promise of joy and fellowship for eternity.

We give humble thanks for all the days of our lives, and all those that have touched our lives, provided guidance and wisdom to us along our journey.  May they know that they are truly Loved.  I ask for your finest blessings each of those that have shared of themselves to help us along our journey as men of faith. 


So Mote It Be!